**The criminal represents the interests of Russian oligarchs in Bulgaria
Our media received a confidential information from three independent sources (one of them works in a high position in the tax administration of the country) that a Bulgarian businessman who is under investigation for a brutal murder of a woman had financed the Bulgarian anti corruption NGO BOEC Civil Movement with € 35,000 in October 2020. His money is said to have come from deals with Russian oligarchs close to Putin. (The translation of the word BOEC from Bulgarian means a Fighter. The NGO BOEC represents itself as a fighter against corruption, political and judicial arbitrariness in Bulgaria).

Our sources of information swear that the criminal boss (whose name is kept in our editorial office) had paid a fat bribe to the NGO leader Georgi Georgiev in the form of a donation to his Civil Movement BOEC. The reason for the eccentric payment is that he had insisted for a “delicate” service, concerning his reputation. The so called businessman wanted more than everything his public image to be transformed from a murderer and a criminal, into an opposition leader and a fighter for democracy and law. He also wanted to be shown as a victim of the judiciary. And the Anti Corruption NGO was the perfect weapon for his plans, because Georgi Georgiev was well known as a fighter against the political and judicial arbitrariness in Bulgaria. He also insists to be very close to the U.S Embassy in Bulgaria and to the EU administration also. The organization he represents claims to have secret data on serious criminal and tax crimes and regularly sends them to the media and institutions in Bulgaria and the EU.

The connection between the rich guy accused of murder, whose anonymity we deliberately maintain at this stage, and the leader of BOEC Georgi Georgiev is due to a female activist of the NGO, who stays very close to his heart, and who is ruling the entire communication strategy of the Civil Movement. It was well known that the charming lady had close fiscal relations with the criminal, so it was very easy to convince her wealthy client that Georgi Georgiev is the right person to “wash” his image and to turn him into the “Bulgarian Navalny”. The task required BOEC to launch a campaign to acquit him, claiming that his detention was for political reasons and mainly because of his participation in the protests against Political Party GERB. All this did not cost a single Euro, as it passed under the denominator of the general propaganda, but nevertheless the € 35 000 were carefully put in the safe-deposit box of BOEC.

For this delicate mission the leader of BOEC Georgi Georgiev had engaged his closest friends – the journalist Atanas Chobanov and his “partner” Dimitar Stoyanov. Although these two did almost nothing in favor of the VIP detainee, they also demanded a five-figure fee for themselves, whispered in journalistic circles. Their enemies swear that part of the bloody money was invested in the creation of the BIRD website.

In order not to arouse suspicion, the money for the fictitious donation to BOEC was given as loans to 35 “middle class” individuals – bartenders and waiters, accountants, bank employees, drivers, security guards and even two women, provided as domestic helpers. Each of them had to transfer at aBGN 1,000 to the account of Georgi Georgiev. As the donations coincided with the summer protests against Boyko Borissov’s Government, they passed in the “awake civil conscience” category and did not arouse interest in the National Revenue Agency in Bulgaria. The denouement came when one of the alleged donors received a letter from the tax authorities explaining the origin of a loan received from an individual. Worried, the man told the inspectors the whole story from A to Z. His wife worked in one of the companies of the crime boss (who at that time had already was in custody) and was given the task to find at least one person to make a donation to BOEC. The next day she took her husband and he dutifully signed a loan agreement, and a month later initialed a second document that he had returned it. The discrepancies between income and expenses doubted the tax authorities and so the “sock began to unravel”, reaching the real donor of BOEC, our sources of information swear.