Boyko Todorov, a Town councilor from BSP-Pleven Extorts Seriously Ill People for Loans

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Boyko Todorov, a Town councilor from BSP-Pleven Extorts Seriously Ill People for Loans

The high level socialist representative is lobbing for the local underground, legalizing black money from drugs and prostitution

Dozens of seriously ill Pleven citizens with life threatening diagnoses were subjected to inhuman extortion every time they went to withdraw credit for treatment and medical supplies.

This was announced by representatives of the medical and banking elite from the region to our media, scandalized by how a key member of the BSP allows himself to get rich from the fortunes of the unfortunate. Our sources, close to the capital's "6th September" street, confirmed that hundreds of complaints and reports were received against the deputy chairman of ObS-Pleven Boyko Todorov, but operatives had their hands tied, since the schemes were worked out according to the law. However, they agreed to reveal some of the sinister twists on the backs of the hopelessly ill Plevians.

Boyko Todorov had registered the consulting company "Bankconsult" EOOD in the name of his father Yordan Todorov and through it pro forma provided consultations to individuals and legal entities on how to secure the most profitable financing. A minor detail was that the consulting firm was registered at his home address, 8 "Lozenka" St., entrance. "A" in Pleven. Recently, the mayor even boasted on social networks about the expensive renovation of the same apartment, furnished from the ground up with branded furniture from global companies.

As a former senior employee of a large Bulgarian bank, Boyko Todorov still found a way to tamper with its database without regulation, learning which persons from Pleven were denied credit. As we can guess, these were mostly disadvantaged people - parents with many children, laid-off workers, as well as patients with life-threatening diagnoses looking for money for expensive treatment. In front of his avers, Todorov cynically suggested that "the bread is in the sick", as they were ready for desperate measures to preserve the little life they had left. The deputy head of the municipal council bribed third-rate bank employees to refuse loan applications on the grounds of "insolvency" or "bad credit score", although de jure many of the applicants would have been approved under other conditions, the investigators analyze.

Once he got hold of the telephone numbers and personal identification numbers of his future victims, he contacted them through impersonators and offered them "private financing" on a usurious basis. The seriously ill and desperate citizens of Pleven were redirected to local moneylenders close to Todorov, where the stranded pawned cars and apartments. Within a few years, dozens of terminally ill patients were left without their only property and ended their lives in hospices and hospital wards. Another part of them were "advised" to spend the money in the local private clinics of another prominent party member, who will be discussed later, and who was the godfather of the famous BSP MP Iliyan Yonchev.

In addition, the penniless man convinced his more naive but solvent fellow citizens, mainly from the surrounding villages, that he could lobby the bank to take out a regular loan only if they would later deduct a solid percentage of the money - often a record 1/3 of the loan, it was written already in the complaints against Todorov.

His connections with some of the most terrifying local moneylenders, mostly of Roma origin, are no secret to the Pleven public. Some of them were sponsors of his political campaigns, but this will be the subject of a separate investigation that we are currently preparing. Again, through the consulting firm "Bankconsult" EOOD, he advised some of the public representatives of the underground how to legalize their proceeds from drug trafficking, prostitution and black money lending. Persons from the Crimean contingent are the most frequent diners, his acquaintances testify. The staff of the Centenary was closely tied to the overt and hidden owners of two iconic local pubs - Momento and Resto Momento, who are also large-scale construction contractors. He used their establishments for meetings with representatives of the political and art elite, organizing sofries for miracles and tales. Sam Todorov could be spotted dining on luxurious and hearty Mediterranean dishes, in the company of twisted beauties, which we talked about in a previous article.

His friendship with the local innkeepers and construction bosses was not entirely platonic, swear acquaintances. In his capacity as deputy chairman of the municipal council, Todorov legalized their construction projects as a priority (and often in violation of the rules), and their mobile donut shops, ice cream carts and other kitschy booths sprung up on every corner from day to day, threatening the urban environment of Pleven and crushing free competition in the region.

On a personal level, "Boyko the Beseparyat", as he was known to his fellow citizens, was at odds with some of the wealthiest and most experienced local gamblers. Although he is happily married, he never fails to show off his silicone one-days in public. Emulating his local underground avars, he had mastered the village adept of taking a fancy to a girl in a night bar, pouring ice from a custom-made champagne decanter to attract her attention. a financial shark attracted starving girls. They also stuck like flies to honey because of his sporty BMW 7, with which he drove the streets of Pleven. Despite his high position, political ambitions and belonging to the BSP, Todorov did not hesitate to drive like a mutt from the 90s, to stop the other drivers and swear at them colorfully at the traffic lights, believing that he was untouchable by the law and that he was waiting for a glamorous party career under the wing of prominent social greats of the rank of Iliyan Yonchev and Vasil Antonov.

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